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FalconStor provides a TOTALLY Open™ and comprehensive suite of enterprise-class storage solutions that provide complete data protection from the remote office to the data center. Whether you need to non-disruptively enhance your existing backup environment or completely redesign your disaster recovery (DR) strategy to reduce costs and enhance recovery times, FalconStor Software has the tools to change the way you think about data protection.

All FalconStor solutions share a common model of being integrated, optimized, and available.

FalconStor solutions are built on a common platform, the FalconStor® IPStor® storage platform. FalconStor IPStor eliminates the compatibility and integration issues typically found with "bolted together" solutions created from disparate products with varying development histories.

FalconStor solutions are designed to optimize performance and capacity utilization, making use of the latest advances in storage networking and technologies such as Thin Provisioning and deduplication. Application-specific tools optimize protection of key enterprise applications. Protection is enhanced even as costs are reduced.

FalconStor solutions are all about data protection and recovery. Available means your data is protected with complete transactional integrity for fast and reliable recovery. It means the FalconStor solutions are deployed in highly available modes, with built-in failover capabilities. It means you can recover your data any time you need it, without worry.
FalconStor solutions are sold as four key product families developed in accordance with your data protection needs, providing the ultimate in business value:

Virtual Tape Library (VTL)
High performance backup and restore with deduplication
FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is a high performance, scalable, disk-based tape emulation system that optimizes backup. Integrated data deduplication provides exceptional reductions in disk utilization and bandwidth during tape replication. Physical tape support extends functionality to the creation and management of physical media.

Continuous Data Protector (CDP)
Instant recovery replaces data restore
FalconStor Continuous Data Protector (CDP) technology provides high-speed local and remote disk-based data protection with instant recovery. By keeping a complete mirrored copy of data in its native format, as well as a series of point-in-time snapshots, the FalconStor CDP solution offers the most rapid and granular recovery possible in all disaster scenarios, including accidental data loss, system corruption, server or storage failures, and site-level loss.

Network Storage Server (NSS)
Heterogeneous storage virtualization and provisioning
FalconStor Network Storage Server (NSS) integrates storage virtualization and provisioning across multiple disk arrays and connection protocols for an easy-to-use, scalable SAN solution. FalconStor NSS lets you pool and tier your disk assets, simplifying provisioning, reducing allocation errors, and maximizing resource utilization. It also incorporates a full set of application-aware data protection services.

File-interface Deduplication System (FDS)
Data deduplication made easy
FFalconStor File-interface Deduplication System (FDS) offers an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage, scalable data repository with deduplication to minimize online storage capacity needs for backup and archiving applications. Integrated data replication is included for disaster recovery.