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IBM’s power systems are their latest in a series of offerings that offer greater power and at the same time conform to IBM’s vision of a smarter planet. They do so by consuming less enery, providing better manageability and reduce costs.

The Power systems encompass a family of enterprise, mid-range, entry and blade servers Known not only for their superior performance but also for their cost and reliability. They have the capability to run AIX, I and Linux on the same server using IBM’s Power VM and in the case of the blade servers, they allow you to run Windows in the same chassis.

Our experience since 1985 gives us a unique insight to providing the user community with robust and cost effective solutions.


IBM System i

Since it’s introduction in the 1980s as the AS/400 this system has been renamed a few times. Under the covers, it remains the same powerful, reliable and cost effective server, The “i” stands for integrated and is the only server in the world where the database, backup utility etc are all integrated into the operating system making it very simple to use and manage.

IBM System p

Since it’s introduction as the RS/6000, IBM has steadily created the most popular and powerful commercial server in the world that runs IBM’s version of Unix (AIX) and Linux.

IBM System x

Very well known line of Intel Servers incorporating IBM’s latest technologies and capable of running Microsoft’s Windows and a few different versions of Linux.